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Features & Benefits


  • The content has been created after years of research. The content consists of Audio-Visual Lessons in 2D and 3D that help the teacher to deliver the lesson effectively so that the students can understand the concepts better.
  • Modules of have been created based on the number of classes per topic, time allocated to each class and the examination pattern.
  • The content covers lessons from Pre-KG to 12 with interactivity in a high quality 2D and 3D, audio-visual format ensuring high retention rate of concepts.

Course Content Organization:

  • The course content is organized in a hierarchical structure for easy navigation and access. Each chapter is broken down into modules for better delivery of the subject. At the chapter level, along with modules, there are Exercises and Activities. Each module is again broken down into three parts – Explanation, Example and Exercise.
  • A teacher has significant spare time in hand to conduct activities like quizzes, assessment, etc to reinforce learning to students.
  • Depending on the age group the content is more character based for lower age groups and for the higher age group it focuses relatively more on the content.


  • To teach from our solution, the teacher has to simply start the system, switch on the Projector, select the class, the subject & the lesson and Play.
  • No prior knowledge of computers is required.

Progress Reports:

  • Pour Product comes with comprehensive reports that show the progress across chapters by students.

Question Bank:

  • Our product comes with a question bank categorized based on class, and subject.


  • Over 1 lakh questions in a quiz manner is kept for students to practice whenever required. Live Assessment and feedback given after every test.
  • A feedback is given after every test corresponding to the chapter and a PROGRESS CARD is automatically generated for parents based on children’s performance.


  • "We are very much impressed and really pleased with the Quality and Quantity of digital contents supported by SmartCampuz. The contents driven from SmartCampuz are a value addition to our academics team and provide an exceptional level of digital knowledge along with practical supports for our teachers and learners."

    "With SmartCampuz, we have made some significant changes in the Academic Performance Improvements of children. The technical aspects and the platform of delivery are Excellent and the Output had a very positive impact on our overall growth."

    Dr. Subhash Nair, Principal, Shantiniketan Indian School – Doha, Qatar

    Winner: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Outstanding Principal Award 2017
    Winner: National Award 2015 for Best Teacher presented by honorable President of India