1 Know your best time for maximum concentration :

Best time of concentration may be different for different students. Mostly it will be during morning hours without any distraction- but certainly not for all. So know your best concentration time and utilise for studies maximum.

     2 Time Management :

Time management is a crucial factor for exam studies and we have to allocate proper time for all subjects as required depending on our knowledge and difficulty level of the subject to student.

      3. Group Study :

For difficult and completely unknown topic- find a perfect group study with friends.

Group Study
Better Concentration for Exam Preparation- Group Study

       4. Place of Study :

Chose a proper relaxing place which gives you the maximum concentration of what you are studying.

        5. Prioritise the Subjects :

Rather than giving equal time for all subjects, give time priority for difficult subject.

        6 Take Breaks :

Each student have different concentration span which may again depend on subject and other minor mental tensions. So know your concentration span and take a break with a cold drink/ brisk walk/ a small play (football kick)/ short TV program / a music etc..

Short Breaks for Better Concentration

           7. Master the topics you are comfortable first :

For average / below average learners, try to master the already known topics/ comfortable so that you gain confidence in learning further.

          8. Recall the Studied Portions :

Try to repeat/ re call the mastered topics in between your normal work- which will certainly help to get best results in exams.


CBSE Exams online


           9. Revision :

Make a time table for final revisions. Give proper time for revisions by prioritising more time with difficult subjects.

        10. Relax and be Confident :

Just relax and be confident before entering exam hall. Believe in yourself. Don’t be anxious on the result. Even the exams are not the last choice. Options await you in this world.

Relax and be confident

Just remember that thousands of people in the world are holding tests and exams.
Thus something so common cannot be too difficult. Also Exams will Test Not only your Knowledge, but also your mind. So calm down and be relaxed..

Best Wishes!!!



Tips to Avoid Exam Stress for Students

How to avoid Exam Stress

Its Exam time for all Indian Schools In India & GCC. With annual exams round the corner its going to be stressful days for students of all ages.The word Exam is closely related to STRESS for most of our children and even for parents. As parents and teachers its our duty make children free from stress during exams.

In this article we would like to share some thoughts related to stress and valuable tips for children and parents to avoid stress during exams….

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